Simple Plans for Everyone


Printers, franchises and people just looking for more

starting at $725 /mo. billed annually

$870/mo. if billed monthly

*5% Transaction Fee. No Setup Fee

    Includes all Standard plan features

    Extended access to storefront and UX customisations to implement completely bespoke web designs

    Full API access

    One-on-one training sessions


Big needs for Big business

Includes all Professional plan features +

Custom integration support with 3rd-party systems

Dedicated live-chat support channel

Multiple brands/storefronts


How many products can I publish on a storefront?

We suggest to start small and build up your portfolio, but technically you can have as many products as you want.

Is it possible to have the storefront in multiple languages?

Yes, we have a translation tool that allows you to setup multiple languages that a user can switch on-demand.

If I already have a website that I want to keep, can I still use Pixfizz?

Yes, we have a number of customers who have setup seamless integrations of our editor (product design tool) within their existing eCommerce websites.

How can I receive the print-ready files that are ordered?

Pixfizz can produce either a PDF or a JPEG of a user’s project and along with a custom job ticket, we can either send the files via FTP, an HTTP push or you can also request files via our API.

What methods of payment are available for my customers online?

Pixfizz is already integrated with 20 common payment gateways and if there is a specific one required, it is possible for our engineers to integrate with it at a cost.