Manage Orders, Users and Products
Connect to API Services

Automated Order Management

Configure any Product, get PDFs from FTP or the API

Configure your products with granular access controls, to flag which design elements users can edit & customize.

Setup virtually any product type & format, with controls for dimensions, number of pages, bindings, bleed sizes and more.

Completed user projects can be output in PDF or JPEG format to FTP with a job description in your desired format, or you can automate your fulfilment process requesting files on demand from the API.

Businesses Should Be Intelligent

Manage Orders or Integrate your Shopping Cart

Use Pixfizz’s eCommerce tools to monitor and manage orders via the admin interface. Automate your order workflow through the RESTful API to access and update nearly any data point.

Generate reports to export and analyse your storefront’s performance, or access the JSON directly.

Integrate the Pixfizz editor with your existing storefront or shopping cart using our server and Javascript APIs. Ask us about our experience with Magento or Shopify integrations.