Edit and Create Designs Photobooks, Cards & More

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Fast, 100% Online, Powerful & Scalable

Leveraging the latest web technologies and a balance of client and server-side processing, the Pixfizz editor is the fastest loading complete editor and delivers a real-time editing experience.

Since our very first day, we remain 100% online with no downloads or plugins without compromising editing capabilities or performance.

Drag & drop photos directly from the desktop straight in the editor with highly optimised background uploading algorithms to not interfere with users’ design experience.

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Create, Design and Organize

Use images from your computer, Facebook and Instagram. Easly jump to the page were the image is used.

Without skipping a beat, quickly add/remove and re-order pages in 100+ page books.

Quickly undo/redo edits, align your elements and get the perfect design.

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Suitable for Any Medium

Setup large-format products, such as canvas or framed prints, and offer a range of custom options like frame materials or retouching services.

Prepare complex designs for photo books, calendars, greeting cards, or even cater to the photo gift market with keychains or mobile device cases.

Use simple masking to display finished product features, customizable die-cuts, or unique packaging elements.

Configure dynamic photo-realistic previews, including cylindrical products like mugs, to show your customers their design results in all their glory before ordering.