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<your customized storefront enabling you to sell high quality photo products to your clients/>

Includes everything you need to sell customized photo-products to your clients. Now with fast online signup & installation, easy to follow customization guides and a huge marketplace with over 4000 designs ready to use. Pixfizz instant is designed from the ground up to offer superior customization and choice to your customers resulting in more repeat sales and bigger margins on products.  All with fast setup and accessible pricing.



<“The breadth of the solution including seasonal and specialty product designs and customization options coupled with the ease of use enables our clients to order something they can truly be proud of, reflecting the quality Fullerton Photo has become to be know for. Our customers are so impressed!”/>Gaby Mullinax - Fullerton Photo


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<pricing & features/>

Enterprise PSP Instant
Custom Domain Name
Desktop, Tablet and Smartphone versions
White label Storefront
Social Network Integration
Your Payment gateway
Turnkey Storefront Template
Bespoke Storefront Design & Workflow
Multiple Storefronts & Brands
iOS and Android App Toolkit
Product Marketplace
Customize Product Designs
Add Finishing & Upsell
Preflight Check & Warnings
Static Products
Customize Product Pricing
Customize Product Descriptions and Imagery
Digital Prints
Custom SSL $ $
Create & Customize Sizes and Formats
Add & Scope Fonts
Cart Included
Product Vouchers & Discounts
Sales Tax Calculation
Cross Sell & Up Sell
Automated Order Status Emails
Magento, Shopify & Third Party Cart Integration
Production Workflow:
Automated Lab Workflow integration
Customized Job Ticket
Advanced Fulfillment Routing (Geographic or multiple store)
API & Integration:
Order Data
Full API
Setup Contact Us Contact Us $5,900***
Monthly Pricing Contact Us $875 $375
Transaction Fees** Contact Us 5% 5%

*Paid subscription is required for commercial use and advanced customization options

**Transaction fees on net sales, not applied to sales tax or shipping. Transaction Fees cover storage and print file generation + transmission.

***Payment plans available