What is Cloud-to-Print?

It’s a cloud-based platform that offers the best conduit from web to print. Coupled with the explosive growth of e-commerce, cloud computing is ushering in a new era of high productivity and ROI for graphic arts.


Not a boxed solution.

The Pixfizz API allows you to integrate with a wide range of options such as payment gateways, e-commerce, social media, workflow, marketing automation and mobile apps. The list keeps growing. Integrate directly with one of our plug-ins or build your own.

Storefront Designer

Cloud-to-Print Editor

E-commerce Tools

Fulfillment & Production

Extend Functionality

Third Party Apps


What we offer

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

Pixfizz provides a complete platform of online solutions, not just a SaaS model. The ‘platform’ keeps growing and the ‘service’ keeps everything cost-effective and flexible.

The global-hosted infrastructure is open for business 24/7. Performance and reliability at peak demand is ensured. Obviously, you need a solution that grows with your business, not inhibits it.

What we offer

“The reliable cloud-based platform and HTML5 Editor give the end-user a seamless book building experience. The PaaS model enables an easy business growth model and working with the PixFizz team is inspiring and fun!”

Jan van Baar | VP Sales & Marketing | RPI-Paro B.V.

Platform-as-a-Service Benefits


Via any web-enabled device.


Subscription vs. purchase; operational cost vs. capital expense.


Adapts to seasonal peaks and troughs.


Seamless integration with API.


Easily customize and brand storefronts.

3rd Party Apps

Extend functionality with the world of apps.


Real-time sharing of galleries and projects.

Complete Solution

Use complete solution or opt for selected modules.


Enhanced Opportunities

  • Complete IT and software infrastructure included
  • No software or servers for you to install or maintain
  • An open platform that grows and adapts with your business needs


Focused on ROI

SAMPLE DATA: Website traffic after 24 months*: 100k visits/mo Mean product sale price: $34.95 Mean production price: $14.00

*ROI is approximated based on sample data with 5% conversion, specific ROI is subject to change based on varying costs and conversion rates.

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